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Worldwide large quantities of cellulosic crop residues are produced annullay. However, only a fraction is used for renewable energy purposes. Collecting and briquetting this surplus cearal straw converts it into an available resource for sustainable bioenergy production.

Kinetic Biofuel offers a 2nd Generation Technology using straw as raw material enabling biogas producers to more than doubling the biogas production in existing and new biogas plants.


Kinetic Biofuel is a partnership of 2 companies and is based on many years’ experience with biomass briquetting technology and…


The technology is based on mechanical compression and hydrylysis of the straw in a single combined process before adding the processed straw…


Due to missing gas from Russia, the talk about renewable energy has never been ”hotter”.

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Introduction of straw briquettes in AD plant considerably increases biogas production

Biogas production is rapidly increasing worldwide, and the UK is no exception to this. Historically the biogas has been used for production of heat, electricity, in transport or finally upgraded and delivered to the natural gas grid. The latter is the end purpose for Kinetic Biofuel customer Farm Renewables on The Isle of Sheppey. Introducing straw briquettes into the reactor has provided for nearly 50% of the total biogas output.