Welcome to Kinetic Biofuel A/S


Kinetic Biofuel is a partnership of 2 companies and is based on many years’ experience with biomass briquetting technology and biofuel technology.


The name and logo of the company is based on the partners combined know-how within kinetic energy (briquetting) and biofuel (biogas and bioethanol).


The company offers a new patented 2’nd Generation technology using straw as raw material enabling Biogas producers to more than doubling the biogas production in existing and new biogas plants.

The World Biogas Expo 2020

Kinetic Biofuel will be participating in The World Biogas Expo from October 6-8, 2020. This is an online event. Please come and visit us on-line. We are ready to meet you.




New video about 3,5t/hour Straw briquetting for biogas production (Sheppey Island, UK)