EUDP project

Kinetic Biofuel offers a complete concept for handling of straw from bales to briquettes for industrial scale biogas production based on straw and slurry.

The purpose of the EUDP project was to demonstrate how cereal straw can be effectively pre-treated through briquetting and co-digested with animal manures in large biogas plants. The demonstration took place at the University of Aarhus’s full-scale test biogas plant in Foulum.

Agricultural waste and crop residues are a major potential source of energy and fertilizers, and with the optimal technology we are offering an equally major business potential.

The technology is ready to be launched in a global marketing and sales campaign based on the dealership network of C. F. Nielsen A/S and BioFuelTechnology ApS. Complete straw processing lines will be marketed as well as full scale bioenergy plants, including the pre-treatment technology.

Below you can see a picture of the demonstration plant at the University of Aarhus in Foulum and here is a link to a video of the plant.

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