Biogas integration

A straw briquetting plant can either be located at the biogas facility or at a separate location like a farm or similar

When the briquettes are produced at the biogas plant the briquettes can be looser and the capacity of the briquetting plant will be higher. The briquettes can be fed directly into the biogas without establishing an inventory for briquettes.

If the briquettes are produced on a farm, briquettes can be supplied to one or several biogas plants. The briquettes will normally have to be harder, so they can be transported and handled, which reduces the capacity somewhat of the briquetting line. Furthermore, the briquettes will probably have to be stored for some time. Local circumstances will determine the best option for placing the briquetting plant.

The actual managing of briquettes at the biogas plant is equally elegant. Briquettes may simply be fed directly to the operating reactor through a standard screw feeder. Alternatively, the briquettes may be added to a mixer tank, stirred into slurry, and pumped with the slurry into reactors.

In any case, we look forward to do the analysis with our partners in the biofuel business, and to suggest the optimal solution.

Solution 1 – chain conveyor and screw feeder

Solution 2 – Mixer tank

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