Mechanical briquetting presses

C.F. Nielsen is offering a large range of products for briquetting plants. For the straw to biogas concept we are using 3 models:

  • The BP4000, which has a capacity of 6-700 kg/h for smaller requirements.
  • The BP6510, which is our most sold press and has a capacity between 1.400 kg/h and 1.700 kg/h depending on raw material and required density of briquette.
  • The BP7510, which is developed for high capacity lines and has a capacity between 2.200 kg/h and 2.800 kg/h

A mechanical press is designed as an eccentric press. A continuously rotating eccentric connected to a plunger presses the raw material through a conic die. In mechanical presses the counter pressure required can only be adjusted by mounting a die with a different conicity.

The compression technology is a pure mechanical method. The strokes of the piston compress the raw material in the conical die and generates friction heat and due to the low water content boiling in steam or water is avoided and the straw is effectively and mechanically treated for biogas use.

Learn more about mechanical briquetting machines by visiting the C.F. Nielsen website

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