The technology is based on mechanical compression and hydrolysis of the straw in a single combined process before adding the processed straw to the biogas plant.


Agricultural waste and crop residues are a major potential source of energy and fertilizers, and with the optimal technology it represents an equally major business potential.


The partners have developed a new pre-treatment technology for agricultural lignocellulosic crop residues, such as cereal straw, which allow co-digestion with animal manures and achieving the full theoretical biofuel potential of both biomass resources. The pretreatment technology is available for biomethane as well as bioethanol production or any other biofuel production based on lignocellulosic material. The technology has been developed and is demonstrated in full scale at Aarhus University test plant where up to 10.000 tons straw annually can be pre-treated and co-digested with 50.000 tons animal manure.

Below is our latest video on straw briquettes for biogas production: